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Traditionally, we have SUBSCRIBED to RSS feeds.

To expand the scope, we are calling this a TRACKER... it does the same as subscribing to a podcast RSS feed, for example, and more.


Most players revolved around a primary button:  Play/Pause

Some make them two buttons, and there's a third sometimes in the mix:  Stop.  Each are different.

We have a combined Play/Pause that TOGGLES the state of the player when media is loaded.  If it is stopped and the audio/video file is loaded, touching PLAY will begin playing that media. 

When PLAYING, the appearance of the button will toggle to PAUSE since that's a common thing we do while listening/viewing.  Touching Pause will suspend playing the media and toggle the button to Play.

Timeline Player™
Timeline Navigation is using timeline annotations as navigation points — like stepping stones — so skipping around pre-marked points of interest is a breeze.
Timeline Navigation™
Web Browsers
FIND Great Web Content
Linux is THE computer operating system that the new economy was all, and still mostly is, built upon.
Server Side - The Cloud

We are seeing web media types being "mashed" together in many new ways...

Suddenly, web  multimedia activity has increased.  We believe it is based on certain technological advancements, especially in web browser capabilities.  Only recently has a confluence of events led to our ability to DO NOW on the web what has only been DREAMED ABOUT BEFORE.

Media Convergence

There is a vast resource of web media content available online, mostly free.  How hard is it to find and share?

It depends... how technical are you? 

How technical are most people?

For that matter, how technical do you need to be to function in today's world?

FIND Great Web Content

We love this opportunity to ask the very deep question:

What is History?

It could be just the very last thing that happened. Or the things that have happened in the last session. Or perhaps anything in the past that has happened.

When it comes to multimedia, it could be just remembering where to start up again after hitting pause. Or remembering the play position even after switching media clips and then going back.  Or picking up at the same point on one device that you left off at.

Or for completionists, a record of media you've watched.

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