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A minimal timeline consists of a line with at least one date point on it.  For that date to have meaning, some kind of description is required. Bare bones.

But events do not occur in a vacuum and there are invariably at least SOME other known, related, dated bits of information that... TOGETHER... begin to tell a more complete story.

Annotated Timelines


We believe not.  

A timeline adds a relative perspective, or distance, between dated events.  In addition to whatever description is attached, the positioning of events on a constant time scale ADDS information to the "story", or sequence of events.

Timelists, on the other hand, are simply bullet lists sorted by date.

Annotated Timelines
Media Convergence

Traditionally, we have SUBSCRIBED to RSS feeds.

To expand the scope, we are calling this a TRACKER... it does the same as subscribing to a podcast RSS feed, for example, and more.

FIND Great Web Content

Not all timelines are the same.

Unless you've seen the difference, though... actually experienced an alternative to what you know... it's hard to visualize.

Sort of like watching over-the-air TV in the old days vs HD or better today.  It's hard to explain but easy to see.

Annotated Timelines

Our player revolves around a single primary button:  Play/Pause

It is a convenient, logical, intuitive dual-purpose button.

Some make them two buttons, and there's a third sometimes in the mix:  Stop.  Each are different.

We have a combined Play/Pause that TOGGLES the state of the player when media is loaded.  If it is stopped and the audio/video file is loaded, touching PLAY will begin playing that media. 

When PLAYING, the appearance of the button will toggle to PAUSE since that's a common thing we do while listening/viewing.  Touching Pause will suspend playing the media and toggle the button to Play.

Timeline Player™
FIND Great Web Content

There is a vast resource of web media content available online, mostly free.  How hard is it to find and share?

It depends... how technical are you? 

How technical are most people?

For that matter, how technical do you need to be to function in today's world?

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