CATEGORY: Media Convergence

Web media… audio, video, graphic, photo, text, data, and other types… are converging. This change is happening before our eyes, yet few really see how it will soon affect us all. Transitions take time — film to digital, tape to digital — years of technical work by a lot of very talented people — and the results are all coming together right now.

More powerful web browsers on larger and smarter devices along with expanding mobile speeds and wifi coverage add fuel to this wildfire!

ONE PROBLEM is presenting it all in an integrated, connected way.

Once things leave analog and enter digital, they are all fundamentally the same anyway. Besides, people should not have to be concerned about the underlying technical details!

We just want a smooth, unified WEB MULTIMEDIA EXPERIENCE so we can enjoy the magic.

We are seeing web media types being "mashed" together in many new ways...

Suddenly, web  multimedia activity has increased.  We believe it is based on certain technological advancements, especially in web browser capabilities.  Only recently has a confluence of events led to our ability to DO NOW on the web what has only been DREAMED ABOUT BEFORE.