CATEGORY: Share Ability

It takes active, effective promotion to grow the audience of your content.  Word of mouth can only carry sharing interest so far... if it requires much effort or many steps, few will take the effort. 

Sharing media content effectively is complex, but we've made it as easy as clicking a link.  Think of VIZdex as a marketing tool to direct the attention of potential fans DIRECTLY to a point in your content where you can easily "snag" them.  THEN, the curious visitors RETURN on their own power and become an active member of your audience.

One Click Listen for audio

One Click Look for video

EVERY additional step significantly reduces the number of individuals who will take it: 


  • go to app store and find good app?
  • download and install app?
  • open app and find podcast/whatever?
  • find episode of podcast?
  • find the player on a page?
  • download the episode file?
  • find HIGHLIGHT spot in episode 
  • ... now Press Play
How many will go that far?


End of results: 2017-12-14 14:45:07 UTC