CATEGORY: Annotated Timelines

Our Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform is an alchemy of creative thought, old school hacking, and wonderful open source shoulders to stand upon


We believe not.  

A timeline adds a relative perspective, or distance, between dated events.  In addition to whatever description is attached, the positioning of events on a constant time scale ADDS information to the "story", or sequence of events.

Timelists, on the other hand, are simply bullet lists sorted by date.

Not all timelines are the same.

Unless you've seen the difference, though... actually experienced an alternative to what you know... it's hard to visualize.

Sort of like watching over-the-air TV in the old days vs HD or better today.  It's hard to explain but easy to see.

A minimal timeline consists of a line with at least one date point on it.  For that date to have meaning, some kind of description is required. Bare bones.

But events do not occur in a vacuum and there are invariably at least SOME other known, related, dated bits of information that... TOGETHER... begin to tell a more complete story.