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[September 16, 2015]

Do You Have Favorites?

As a media player, what happens when the current audio/video clip is finished playing?

Does it just disappear into the darkness? Or is it saved?

If we SAVE history, what can be done with it?  Some interesting things, from a comprehensive mind-map reference of material collected along the way to a way to monitor* how much effort we actually spend on personal educational and entertainment activities.  

We love opportunities to ask deep questions:

What is History?

It could be just the very last thing that happened. Or the things that have happened in the last session. Or perhaps anything in the past that has happened.

When it comes to multimedia, it could be just remembering where to start up again after hitting pause. Or remembering the play position even after switching media clips and then going back.  Or picking up at the same point on one device that you left off at.

Or for completionists, a record of media you've watched.  This is important to more people than you think.