CATEGORY: Timeline Player™

[September 16, 2015]

Jump Buttons - Back/Forward 20 seconds

User interfaces are difficult for utility features... playing media, in this case.  The problem revolves around meeting the needs of the ENTIRE RANGE of possible user/visitor skill sets and preferences.  Emphasis on the latter since most can handle BASIC button choices.

Playing media is so common that the associated control buttons appear all around us, in all sorts of settings, on all kinds of devices.  The problem is more the delivery of a user experience that bends to OUR PREFERENCES often.  This flexibility CAN  be designed in, but it adds complexity... not only to the programming effort but to the business of the user interface to support more functions, features, preferences.

VIZdex utilizes a set of templates to control the layout of data elements.  It is our design to facilitate significant changes in the "looks" or "appearance" of a web application presenting multimedia information without requiring similar great changes to the underlying code.

The point:  our Timeline Player CAN look very different than whatever you may be looking at but will still work the same.

Most players revolved around a primary button:  Play/Pause

Some make them two buttons, and there's a third sometimes in the mix:  Stop.  Each are different.

We have a combined Play/Pause that TOGGLES the state of the player when media is loaded.  If it is stopped and the audio/video file is loaded, touching PLAY will begin playing that media. 

When PLAYING, the appearance of the button will toggle to PAUSE since that's a common thing we do while listening/viewing.  Touching Pause will suspend playing the media and toggle the button to Play.