CATEGORY: Media Convergence

[October 24, 2015]

It Is Happening NOW (FALL 2015)

 There are always people who tinker on the edge of knowledge... and technology.  Both can be dangerous, but can also lead to some amazing things.

One concept behind VIZdex is a unified presentation experience, so you can use a common set of controls to "drive" where you want to go whether  that involves audio or video, image or text.  My requests should NOT require popping new windows (unless I want), or switching screens (unless I want), OR opening other apps (unless I want).  It should all happen in one place... unless it is my choice to do otherwise.

 WHY one "setting" (user environment) for web multimedia?  It is easier for users.

 Much easier. And for novice users, in particular.

So more time can be spent actually enjoying the full range of great web multimedia content.  VIZdex also makes exploring the VAST depths of web content fun.  You'll be surprised to discover all sorts of new and interesting sources of information and entertainment.

We are seeing web media types being "mashed" together in many new ways...

Suddenly, web  multimedia activity has increased.  We believe it is based on certain technological advancements, especially in web browser capabilities.  Only recently has a confluence of events led to our ability to DO NOW what has only been DREAMED ABOUT BEFORE.

It HAD to start at some point.  Early 2015 appears to be it, we think.