CATEGORY: Annotated Timelines

[September 16, 2015]

Interactive Timelines vs Timelines

VIZdex is all about web media presentation in the on-demand online world of today.  Why would we settle for a static timeline to present a series of related events?

Only now possible in modern web browsers, data visualization technology is starting to roll into the mainstream.  INTERACTIVE TIMELINES are just one example of a more powerful approach to navigating related items on the web.

The ability to see as much, or as little, as you want by simply zooming in/out quickly becomes natural.  Same with panning side-to-side, scanning from old to new to get the highlights of how events unfolde... and how closely events were (or were not) to each other.  The interactive perspective adds value to the data, helping our understanding visually.

So, not all timelines are the same.

Unless you've seen the difference, though... actually experienced an alternative to what you know... it's hard to visualize.

Sort of like watching over-the-air TV in the old days vs HD or better today.  It's hard to explain but easy to see.