CATEGORY: Annotated Timelines

[September 16, 2015]

Annotated Timelines vs Timelines

 A fully annotated timeline will provide all the detail desired on a specified topic.  An interactive feature makes it easy to zoom from the BIG PICTURE to MICRO DETAIL... each showing essentially the same story but with different VIEWS.

 The concept behind VIZdex is to deliver a tool to accommodate different perspectives... "users" are people with completely different levels of knowledge on a subject and OTHER EVENTS in the same time range, related or not. We hope to be a resource for filling in the gaps.

A minimal timeline consists of a (preferably horizontal) line with at least one date point on it.  For that date to have meaning, some kind of description is required. Bare bones.

But events do not occur in a vacuum and there are invariably at least SOME other known, related, dated bits of information that... TOGETHER... begin to tell a more complete story.