VIZdex Annotated Timeline Presentation Platform



an interactive data+multimedia web environment
for connected-content exploration


visit for examples!

check out the experiments, too!


Search, filter, and sort to yield content of specific interest.

Jump to other content through embedded links.

Set preferences so fresh content of interest is more visible.


In one place:

  • listen to an AUDIO clip
  • view associated PHOTOS
  • watch a Youtube VIDEO segment
  • read TEXT show notes
  • see DATA visualized on charts and timelines

No app to download or install, available via any web browser.


For reference, you can easily designate points WITHIN the audio or video clip.

Spots marked on a clip become instant navigation buttons, so you can jump from one to the other with a simple click.

You can ATTACH media items to diveMarkers, including audio and video clips, text, and links to photos, web pages, and Youtube vids.


When a spot is marked on the media, it can be share just like a regular web link.

Shared links take the recipient directly to the point you want to share... they just press Play.

NEVER BEFORE has it been both technically possible and economically feasible to deliver even smaller collections of media in such an innovative fashion, and with integrated social connectivity to add extra audience energy.